Black Bear Encounters

September 5, 2023

The end of summer marks an important time for wildlife. Whether it's birds voraciously feeding before the migration, deer teaching their young how to be on their own, or black bears making moves to find good forageto gain weight for the hibernation – wildlife is on the move.

Black bear tracks

This time of year, black bears are particularly active foraging in preparation for winter. Should you see a bear in the woods, don’t panic. Just follow these simple rules to ensure your and the bears safety in the interaction. And of course, watch out for moving wildlife on the roads too!

Standing still and watching the bear is an option as odds are it will not approach you. However, if you are close or the bear feels too close, yell “hey bear!”, making as much loud noise as you can clapping handsand repeatedly yelling. This will send most bears running scared into thewoods. If the bear approaches you, make yourself appear as large as you can,standing your ground and continuing to make noise.

Don’t ever run as this can trigger the bears chasing instinct. Don’t ever throw food or other objects as a distraction as this can make bears accustomed to humans. Scaring them is the best way to ensure theystay wild in the wild and safe. Black bears are rarely aggressive and taking precautions can ensure they stay that way.

You can read more about what to do when you meet a bear inthe woods here: