Roger Bisbing, Preschool

Inaugural exhibition at miniMoca by Hudsin Valley artist Roger Bisbing. October 2022


D. Collins, Sacred Space

Featuring a collection of artist selected books at the free library with bookmarks designed by Collins.

Melissa Dadourian, The Space In Between

The Space In Between, Melissa Dadourian

Ruby Palmer, Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin transports the viewer to a magical landscape inhabited by tiny deer, who peer at one another around the corners of a vividly painted architectural folly. Ruby Palmer is a Hudson Valley-based artist who reimagines the memory of a dream-like place or structure, and the scale of our longing for such places.

Takeyce Walters, Reflecting on Nature

Through October 5, 2023

Reflecting on Nature seeks to offer the viewer an intimate replica of a peaceful and contemplative

moment outdoors, with the aim of fostering a deep and lasting connection to the natural environment.

How would we view and experience the world around us if we realized that we are not separate from

it? Our disconnection from nature has led to environmental problems like climate change and

deforestation. Perhaps seeing ourselves as a connected part of our ecosystem can help us

become better stewards of the environment. We are not only a part of nature, we are nature.