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The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy has 22 preserves that are open to the public for recreational activities such as walking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. We invite you to explore them!

All preserves are open to the public, free of charge, from dawn to dusk. Parking is available at each location. Please abide by the following rules and regulations for your enjoyment, as well as for the enjoyment of others, and for further protection of the preserves.

In an effort to stay clean and green, MHLC has adopted a “Carry-in, Carry-out” policy. What you bring into the conservation area, please take out with you, including trash. Thank you!

Read Our Guide to Winter Sports at the Preserves


Remember: Always sign in and out at the trail registers, located within the kiosk at each preserve.

Metal detector use is not permitted on the Preserves.

Dogs are allowed, but they MUST be leashed. Please pick up after them.
(Dogs are NOT allowed on Fisher Trail, Five Rivers.)

Fishing is permitted with
a NYS License. Unauthorized hunting is
NOT permitted.

Please respect the plants, animals, and artifacts as they make us special.

Swimming is NOT permitted at any of our preserves.

Audio equipment use is permitted with earphones only.

Motor vehicles NOT permitted beyond parkingareas.

Preserve Locator
Find directions to one of our incredible preserves and
get out there and enjoy!

Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy permits geocaching on some properties, but requires that certain guidelines are met to uphold MHLC’s mission of environmental conservation and stewardship. Geocachers wishing to place caches on MHLC’s Preserves must first receive permission by submitting a request in writing. MHLC reserves the right to remove caches that threaten environmentally or culturally sensitive areas or are located in unsafe locations. Please read the entire policy here: MHLC Geocaching Policy

Please download the MHLC Geocache Approval Form here: MHLC_Geocaching_policy_Form and return to or Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, 195 New Karner Rd, Albany, NY 12205.