Ashford Glen Preserve


Nestled within a small neighborhood, this short woodland trail is incredibly scenic with tall conifers tucked along the Vly Creek. The preserve has easy grades with great herbaceous plants and trees for the budding botanist to check out. The 11.5-acre property was saved by members of the local neighborhood, who love the glen for its quiet, shady walk – a great asset too for the surrounding community.

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.25 mile

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Ashford Glen Preserve is located on Vly Creek, a tributary of the Mohawk River. This beautiful 11.5-acre glen near the intersection of Vly Road and the Troy-Schenectady Road was a giftof an informal neighborhood association lead by Don and Lois Porter and was given through The Nature Conservancy to the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy in2000. A unique aspect of this preserve is the large variety of plants thriving in the glen.


For an excellent wildflower field guide to Ashford Glen Preserve, visit Dave Behm’s Curious By Nature blog, where you will find a list of Wildflower Field Guides. Click on the text under the slide preview to download the wildflower field guide for Ashford Glen Preserve. (The file will download through Google Drive as a PowerPoint file.) This resource will enhance your visit as you learn about and identify the plants you observe during your visit. Colorful photos and plants listed by blooming date will help you explore the botany of this beautiful glen.

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