Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve


For botanists, bird-watchers, and cross country skiers, Strawberry Fields has a wide variety of features no matter the season. This gem in the Mohawk River valley has flat, wide trails through farm fields that provide ample opportunity for hikers and a wealth of wildflowers to stop and admire. Be sure to stop for a rest on the bench for an amazing valley view!

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2.5 miles

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Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve is unique among the MHLC preserves. The 118 acres is privately-owned and protected with a conservation easement. In 2017, landowner Jeff Leon opened Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve to the public. Besides the public preserve, the property also contains a private home and Lovin’ Mama Farm, a vegetable CSA farm. Please respect the landowner, the business, and their family by staying on marked trails only.

Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve has abundant wildlife, and protecting that life is a primary purpose for the preserve. Over 300 vascular plant species, over 100 bird species, and uncounted other members of the food chain have been identified here. Some favorite flowers which bloom in the springtime are bloodroot, marsh marigold, trillium, wild ginger, trout lily, and mayapple. In the summer, the fields are full of Joe pye weed, boneset, and rudbeckia. In the fall, the preserve blooms with eight species of asters, eight goldenrods, and fringed gentian. Fringed gentian, an uncommon plant which can be difficult to find, is regularly spotted in the wet, open slopes and early successional forests of Strawberry Fields.

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