Van Dyke Preserve


Head to the Van Dyke Preserve for a stroll on the easy loop trail winding along the Phillipin Kill—the perfect hike with the family and kids. The property, formerly agricultural land, is a mix of forested lands and flood plain along the Phillipin Kill stream. The preserve is lush with native wildflowers and large beech, oak, hickory, and hemlock trees tower above the trails. Enjoy a rest on the bench as the stream trickles by or explore the woods for birds and salamanders that breed in the wetlands and vernal pool pockets found in the preserve.

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Trail Length

1 mile

Preserve Features

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The 33-acre Van Dyke Preserve was donated to Mohawk HudsonLand Conservancy in 2012 by the developers of the nearby Van Dyke Spinney housing complex, in association with the Town of Bethlehem. The property includes a mix of wetlands, forest, and floodplain with the trail woven throughout. Protecting stream corridors, like those seen at Van Dyke Preserve, help reduce flooding and erosion, improve water quality, and provide fish and wildlife habitat.  

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